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Sep 2013

  1. Recycling With Wench Wear Recyled Clothes

    dress-sWench is an independent recycled clothing label which also specialises in hands-on recycled clothing workshops.

    Old or unfashionable clothes often end up in the landfill when they could be given a new lease of life on the catwalk, or at least an occasional Friday night out on the town.cycling

    Recycled clothes are all the rage and can often cost a lot to buy, but there is another way to get your hands on the latest frocks: you can make your own instead.

    Simply by picking up a needle and thread you can turn out fabulous clothes which perfectly fit your size and shape and your personal style, any way you want them.workshop-kids

    Our mission is to help you make your very own ravishing recycled creations. Even by cycling there… Yes they do use a bicycle to run a sewing machine!!

    Dare to be unique. Inspiration (and perhaps a little help) is all you need.

    Let your imagination run wild and let rip!

  2. It’s always good to find something new and creatively inspiring

    elvisMonique Jivram creates vibrant hand drawn illustrations. By depicting well-loved objects much of the work has a romantically nostalgic feel. Adding to the uniqueness of the work Monique collages hand drawings with urban embroidery or vintage fabrics. By combining drawings of household objects and contemporary fibres Monique has defined a compelling mixed media style.

    Monique uses hand embroidery for larger parts of her work and a Janome Harmony 2139 for detailed parts. For her Etch-a-Sketch artworks Monique uses her drop thread function turning her sewing machine into a drawing tool.

    Monique is admired for her bold approach to mixing detailed craftsmanship and drawing. Inspiration is sourced from antiques markets and Monique’s Latin American heritage. Her interests in curiosities, academic drawing and sewing can be seen throughout the work. The use of commonplace objects throughout the work prompts a sense of familiarity and recollections.

    To see more of her work visit