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Recycling With Wench Wear Recyled Clothes

dress-sWench is an independent recycled clothing label which also specialises in hands-on recycled clothing workshops.

Old or unfashionable clothes often end up in the landfill when they could be given a new lease of life on the catwalk, or at least an occasional Friday night out on the town.cycling

Recycled clothes are all the rage and can often cost a lot to buy, but there is another way to get your hands on the latest frocks: you can make your own instead.

Simply by picking up a needle and thread you can turn out fabulous clothes which perfectly fit your size and shape and your personal style, any way you want them.workshop-kids

Our mission is to help you make your very own ravishing recycled creations. Even by cycling there… Yes they do use a bicycle to run a sewing machine!!

Dare to be unique. Inspiration (and perhaps a little help) is all you need.

Let your imagination run wild and let rip!